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It is said that modern life is impossible without fossil fuels. Whether you believe this statement to be true or not!

Fossils’ (coal, oil, gas) growing demand as major feedstock for our daily needs for heating, transport, chemicals, materials and pharmaceuticals will soon outpace availability and supply. Scarcity as a consequence will end the ‘cheap oil and gas’ era as we know, impacting the global and local economies as well as our living standards.

As fossils are finite, perhaps not in our lifetime but undoubtedly for future generations, it is our responsibility to find ways to decrease our dependency on fossils. Biomass (plant-derived, lingo-cellulosic feedstock) as renewable sources i.e. wood, when used responsibly, will play a dominant role in this quest.

Historically, mankind has harnessed wood-derived energy since they made fires. Nowadays, our generation is developing environmental responsible technologies converting biomass into biofuel for our daily needs.

Our mission is to help lay a foundation for the transition from fossils to wood and biomass. We do this by building companies that utilize these renewable resources and technologies at the core of the product offering.

“I hope that our philosophy and approach to business inspires you”.

Maarten Grooters

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